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David Roberts, R. A. (1796-1864) a successful London-based Scottish artist, in 1838 traveled throughout the Middle East to record the cities, people, landscape, and monuments of the Holy Land and Egypt. Returning to England, he and lithographer Louis Haghe published a hand-colored six volume set of his works covering Egypt and Nubia and the Holy Land. The plates in these volumes are the most beautiful and accurate depictions of the Near East ever created in the nineteenth century; 'The Holy Land' both intructs and delights, with superb ethnological descriptions, sweeping panoramic landscapes, and detailed architectural studies.



Chapel of the covenant
of St. Catherine

A Colossal Statue at the entrance to the
Ttemple of Luxor

Convent of St. Catherine

El Deir, Petra

Mosque of Sultan Hassan

The Remains of the Triumphal Arch at Petra

Sabiste, Ancient Samaria


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